Classic Layer Cakes (White, Yellow, Chocolate, Red Velvet)

• Round or Square  (any size; 9″ serves 10-16)

Icing: Vanilla/Chocolate Buttercream, Chocolate Ganache, Cream Cheese

Choice of Filling: Buttercream, Raspberry, Lemon Curd, Chocolate Mousse

Fondant icing also available for a slight additional charge

Snowy Coconut Cake (9″ serves 10-16)

German Chocolate Cake (8″ serves 8-12)

Chocolate Decadence Cake Single layer of rich, flourless chocolate (8″ serves 8-12)

Served with raspberry sauce


Wedding Cakes  — Call for consultation



Sugar Cookies (any quantity, creative designs)

Buttery Lemon Squares (12)

Raspberry Squares (12; with or without chocolate)

Fudgy Brownies (12)

Famous Sticky Buns (6; with or without pecans)



Caramel Apple Pie (10″ serves 8-10)

Chocolate Cream Pie (10″ serves 8-10)


Custom Gingerbread Houses  — Call for consultation


Other items, special  orders, etc., are always possible. Just ask.

Click here to email me for pricing or more info.

Laurie Goodman • 201-493-9193 •

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