Gingerbread House 2013

IMG_4316 IMG_4317This year, instead of making a house to resemble one of our own or a friend’s, we created a fictional “Laurie Bakes Bake Shop, complete with a wedding cake and other goodies in the window! Loved the Necco wafer roof tiles and the striped awning. And I always love my Christmas trees made from upside-down ice cream cones!

Time out from baking…

LaurieBakes is taking a little hiatus for now. Our house is currently on the market and we are preparing to move to Chicago in a few months. I can’t really do any baking in the next few weeks as the house is being shown and much of my baking supplies have been packed away. However, I’m hopeful that things will be resolved soon and I can get back to work in my kitchen.

So until further notice, I’m sorry to say I can’t bake any cakes. I’ll let you all know when things are back up and running.

Thanks for understanding!


A gift box cake.

GiftBox DEc12Cake for a 40th birthday celebration. Happy birthday!

Gingerbread 2012

GB HouseHere’s the gingerbread house we made for Christmas 2012. It’s a replica of my daughter’s apartment building at 97th & Lexington Ave. in New York City. She lives on the 4th floor — hence the decorations.

Ooh, la la!

I can’t believe I made an Eiffel Tower out of sugar! This cake was a special request for a graduation party. They wanted an Eiffel Tower on top because the recipient is a big fan of all things French. It turned out pretty nice, in spite of the trouble from humidity. It took a few days with drying time…very nerve-wracking!